Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Platform Agnostic

By developing the ICON appliance interface in HTML/JavaScript/JQuery¬†we were able to seafmlessly review releases across many devices including PC/Mac as well as the iPad which final lab testing would be conducted on.  This enabled quick and easy collaboration on the project between multiple parties who didn’t necessarily need access to the final testing device.

Optimised by Device

We employed specific technologies and techniques such as the JavaScript Modernizr library and custom touch event handling to make the experience flawless on all of these devices.

Object Oriented Design Patterns

To facilitate rapid development while giving the flexibility to add and change features as different interface ideas were tested by the client, we employed object oriented software design strategies through JavaScript.  These included using JavaScript’s prototypical inheritance and following the state machine design pattern to allow low coupling between appliance states and the classes that drive them.

This approach proved highly successful in developing a complex HTML/JavaScript application that can be easily maintained, modified and deployed in a short development cycle.