Site Rebuild – Joomla / VBulletin

We began working with in 2008 rebuilding their site from the ground up, including integrating their busy VBulletin forum into the new website.

The rebuild included redeveloping the site on the Joomla framework and creating a custom VBulletin template to launch their new look.

Monetization – Magento

We continued our relationship with the client building a Magento storefront and custom payment gateway module to monetize the website.

Integration – Jfusion

Jfusion allowed us to tightly integrate Joomla, VBulletin and Magento to create a seamless user experience, sharing login sessions across all 3 packages.  This means a user coming from the forum does not need to re-login before checking out of the store and vice-versa.

Performance Optimisation

As traffic to their site grew, the site’s shared hosting environment became inadequate to meet its performance demands.  In response we built a Virtual Private Server (VPS) running a performance optimised Apache2/MySQL/PHP + xCache application stack to host the website.  This halved the page load time for their users.

Having a dedicated VPS also gave the client access to more advanced server side tools such as Google Sitemap Generator to increase the site’s search engine exposure.

With sustained growth the site eventually required more resources than could be reliably provided by the local VPS provider.  To overcome this challenge we migrated the server to a custom Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing instance.  Hosted in Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) the client gained the performance, reliability and scalability of Amazon’s extensive cloud computing resources.