Prosol – Data Visualisation

Getting the Data

Prosol provide a service which enables their customers to monitor remote agricultural / industrial installations via their online client portal.  This monitoring may include measuring tank levels, water flow or various other metrics specific to a process.  This saves their customers having to travel to these installations to gather this information, giving near real-time data and a detailed history of past operation.

This data is transferred to a central database server over the GPRS network, where a PHP application collates the data for each client.

Data Visualisation

Prosol asked us to create graphical representations of this data, customisable for each client.  We used the Google Visualization API for this task.  The framework enabled us to display the data on an interactive time-scale, with the ability to add / remove selected data plots on the fly.


We customised Prosol’s client portal PHP application to take advantage of the Google Visualization API and managed deployment to their production environment.

The Business Case

Prosol’s clients are using the tools to save time and money while increasing conformance to government regulations where water use is concerned.  This is opening market opportunities for Prosol across a range of sectors.